Hi there!

This is a narrative of two humans with alien names, Paulius & Mantas. These two are from different mediums writing their own narrative. 

How did this start? 

Paulius finished a UX Design Bootcamp at the famous General Assembly in April of 2016. With a new mindset introduced, the thought he had was "I can do anything".

When these two humans got together, they came to a dreamy conclusion that "we will have a dope podcast." There was no real plan except expectations to become something big right away. 

Well, we got humbled at a SPEED OF LIGHT. We really thought we're the next Joe Rogan podcast, pulling in major numbers. (If you can't tell yet, we have big dreams with no concrete plan)

That didn't last long, although it was a fun and great time. 

    The speed of light humble.

    Mantas is a certified nutrition Sensei and Paulius is a Type 1 Diabetic. That bubble of a dream was to revolutionalize the "wellness industry". 

    We went in fast, started a publication on Medium called Wellness Drip, posted almost daily, had an Instagram post idea with small bits of valuable information. 

    Ran into a same exact problem again- WE WEREN'T NOTICING ANY GROWTH OR SCALABILITY. 

    Again we didn't ask why, except really big expectations to conquer the market. (haaa!) This was the second journey we gained momentum and a lot of new tricks, but we still half-assed everything without a concrete approach. 



    We got a DM on Instagram from a Military Vet that was suffering from PTSD and he mentioned that reading our blog gave him new perspectives and made his day brighter.


    Intuitive Society which started off with big expectations as well has been our longest journey yet. We've equipped ourselves with more knowledge and in retrospect, glanced back at our previous roadblocks. 

    This was a major tune-up as we spent most of our time loading up on value. Going over online courses, reaching out to people, daily workshop sessions. It has become an obsession that was truly organic to us. 

    We believe all of our previous failures led us to find that golden nugget, which was patience and creativity. 



    Being a creative and always wanting to put your dent in the universe is difficult without having right plan and commitment 

    This is the beginning stages of Intuitive and its current seed is spreading messages through apparel. 

     -Aciu :) 

    Go create.